Many games involve generation of items that are used as a part of gameplay. In certain games, time to generate items can cause player frustration. Player has to wait for item that varies from few minutes to multiple hours. Thus games can provide options for player to allow reduction of this time. This option can be incorporated to use player experience points, monetization element in game or real money. This can be used various games to generate revenue.

Examples Edit

  1. Clash of Clan : Clash of Clan is a game by Supercell that was among top grossing games for Android and IOS platform for a very long time.The game allow player to create army of various characters, then create a strategy to attack opponents. Time needed to generate each item various from few seconds to one hour. One of interesting feature of game is to allow player to use 'BOOST' to reduce time to generation of characters. Player has to use 'Gems' to boost the unit that are involved in generation. 'Gems' are earned by completing various quest or by buying in the store.

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