Game designers that create a game featuring a simple yet addictive mechanic, have a bunch of techniques to keep their players engaged viz. multiple, diverse levels, progressively increasing difficulty, sufficient choice of weaponry, quests systems, etc. One such technique is that of adding different modes to an existing game. A different game mode, while leaving most mechanics the same, selectively alters certain rules and/or goals of the game thereby providing a completely new gameplay experience. Consequently, players have a chance to enhance their command over gameplay mechanics, experience the mechanic in a different light, challenge themselves, etc.

Examples Edit

Geometry Wars 3 Edit

IMG 1829

Ultimate mode is a feature introduced in the Evolved Update for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Very much like Adventure and Hardcore Mode, this mode is played across many different three-dimensional maps, featuring an even higher amount of power-ups and bizarre maps. There are a total amount of 40 levels in Ultimate mode, along with this host of maps it also features 2 brand new game modes, exclusive to this mode and Hardcore mode.

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